Document Management System

Cameo offers both, physical as well as electronic document custody services to clients ranging from banks and insurance firms to telecom firms. The growth of this business line has been particularly impressive, given the need for firms to digitize their documents for easier storage, access and retrieval. A more regimented legal environment combined with higher standards of governance, have given the desired thrust towards professional documentation and custody service providers such as Cameo.

Cameo uses well tested, proprietary as well as third party document management systems, for imaging, indexing and storage of documents. Cameo's superior imaging and document management systems are well equipped to handle high volume traffic from its clients, most of whom are in rapid growth stage in their respective businesses.

On the physical custody side, Cameo offers a variety of storage options. For critical documents, such as title deeds and cheques, Cameo has purpose built storage vaults, that are built to Reserve Bank of India specifications. For less critical documents, Cameo offers carton box storage and slotted angle rack storage for easy access, storage and retrieval.

Aside from title deeds and post dated cheques that are stored in vaults, Cameo also stores loan agreements, other securing documents, loan applications, policy documents, claim forms and account opening forms for its clients from the banking and insurance sectors. Cameo also provides data capturing services of essential information to enable easy retrieval of electronically stored documents.