Medical Transcription
Company Background
Cameo is a leading provider of Medical & Business Transcription Services to companies in the US and Europe, employing over 250 well-trained professionals, who are amongst the best the industry has to offer.
Cameo's state-of-art facility ensures the security and confidentiality of your data. With the availability of over 400 high-end workstations on a 24/7 basis along with redundant high speed connectivity and an indigenously developed production-monitoring software, Cameo guarantees timely, accurate and cost effective services.
Why Cameo?
  • Strong commitment to quality
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Security & confidentiality of your data
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Attractive pricing
  • Well qualified and trained staff
  • Financial stability
Service Description
Dictation Acquisition & File Transfer
  • Dictation acquisition methods are client specific. Dictation is acquired in several ways depending on the client's systems and requirements. Most of the work is done in real-time.

  • Authorized personnel access the voice files to transcribe.
  • Transcription methods are based on client needs.
  • Transcription in batch mode for FTP clients.
  • Real-time transcription for clients requiring transcriptionists to be online and transcribing 24/7.

Delivery of Transcribed Documents
Transcribed reports are returned in various formats via a client specified interface.
Turnaround Time
Normal turnaround time of 4 to 24 hours.
Quality Assurance Program
Cameo recognizes that transcription accuracy is of paramount importance in providing high quality patient care. Our Quality Assurance Program has been designed to ensure high levels of accuracy right from the start.
Dedicated Teams
  • A dedicated team is setup for each client.
  • A Team Leader is assigned to each team
  • Dictating Physician is assigned to specific transcriptionists, allowing the transcriptionist to develop the necessary skills to effectively serve each Physician.
  • The team leader is responsible for assessing each team member on a continual basis to decide on the QC requirements.
Cameo maintains all patient information as confidential. We recognize the importance of handling patient information in the strictest of confidence and with utmost care. We have the processes and procedures in place to comply with HIPAA requirements.
Cameo treats all patient information with strict integrity and confidentiality and ensures against unauthorized use or disclosure. All employees, officers and related personnel are required to sign a "confidentiality agreement" which binds them to the confidentiality and safeguarding of the patient information.
Cameo conducts training and instruction of its employees from time to time to educate them regarding the requirements of confidentiality and safeguarding of information as promulgated by HIPAA.
  • Processes, procedures and systems in place to be HIPAA compliant.
  • Proprietary file-routing and production tracking software ensures a clear audit trail. Each job is fully tracked.
  • All data transferred across the Internet is protected by 128-bit encryption using technologies like Secure FTP and proprietary client developed solutions.
  • Access to all systems is controlled by user name and password.
  • Transcribed charts are purged from all workstations as soon as they are released to the Cameo server.
  • In-house team of software developers and networking specialists ensure the operation of a secure system.
  • The floppy and CD drives are disabled on all machines in the transcription area.
  • Firewalls protect the network. All workstations are updated on a regular basis with anti-virus software.
  • Entry into the transcription area is restricted to authorized personnel.
  • Cameo is manned by Security Personnel on a 24/7 basis.
Backup Systems
Cameo backup systems ensure extremely low downtime of all systems.
  • Connectivity - Cameo has partnered with two of the largest ISP's in India thus ensuring redundancy in connectivity
  • Power - Genset supports the entire office in case of power failure.
  • Data Backup - backup routines backup the data at regular intervals thus ensuring minimal loss of data if the server goes down
  • Server - a backup server backs up the main server. This ensures that the dictations as well as the transcribed documents are secure