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with perfection.

Registry and share transfer is one of the most critical functions in a thriving investment environment. As transactions occur with rapidity, it takes more than just manpower to track them. Being one of the earliest entrants to this industry, we are perfectly positioned to recognize and respond to a
fast-paced investment environment.

Expertise, assured

We were one of the earliest RTAs (Registrars & Transfer Agent) in India and have been recognised as a Category I RTA – a distinction awarded to few registrars in the country. We are experienced and equipped in managing transactions of great magnitude with high accuracy.

Proficiency meets accuracy

Our Cambridge portal provides our clients quick and easy online access to documents. Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who handle and track transactions with accuracy. We keep abreast with an ever evolving regulatory environment thereby ensuring complete compliance.

A reputation, acquired over time

A glance at our credentials reveals our impressive repertoire of clients across manufacturing, banking, and infrastructure sectors.

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