A safehouse

for data.

Telecom corporations are witnessing unprecedented growth and are transforming the world. Data remains the most vital aspect of their businesses. The physical and electronic data of their customers ought to be safeguarded – and accessed with utmost efficiency. What do we bring to the table? 15 years of experience in not just securing data but in DKYC audit and validation, and number management systems.

Sound structure. Quiet expertise.

At Cameo, we don’t just meet the pre-requisites for document management but exceed them at all levels. We have had the privilege of storing over 120 million documents over 15 years. Considering the voluminous data, our processes are streamlined to segregate, classify and retrieve them instantly.

Our electronic storage systems are encrypted and backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure. The entire system is regulated by legal guidelines and norms; documents indexed are stored with the help of our proprietary systems and software.

The whole spectrum of documentation

Digital KYC audit &
Data validation

Biometric KYC. Centralised order management solutions

Warehousing and E2E document management

Number management system and sales support

Customer retention and document collection

Web hosting of scanned images i.e. electronic documents.

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KYC validations
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