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The importance of reverse logistics for healthcare

COVID pandemic has had worldwide repercussions which have been felt severely in the healthcare sector. This includes accessibility to diagnostics, especially for the aged and infirm who are in no position to step out of their residences. The stage is thus set for a reverse logistics partner who can orchestrate the movement of samples from the patients to the healthcare service providers.

Cameo is prepared to step up to this monumental challenge by being the perfect last mile healthcare services partner to medical institutions.

Home collection of samples

Home collection of samples is the way to go when patients find it inconvenient to visit laboratories frequently. Our trained specialists collect blood and other samples while maintaining uncompromising standards of safety.

Skilled operators

Cameo employs skilled phlebotomists who follow strict norms and hygiene protocols while collecting samples.

Pick up service across the city

We ensure that distance will not come between you and your patient; services are offered across the city limits.

Trusted by leading healthcare partners

Our standards and quality of service make us one of the most sought-after partners and trusted among healthcare institutions.

Stringent quality and
safety standards

Professionally trained specialists, quality audit mechanisms, and guidance from medical teams ensure that our service upholds the highest standards.

Round the clock service

We ensure that we are present at all hours of the day and night to provide the best services for patients.

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